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Conveyor toasters

Conveyor toasters

Designed for automatic toasting of bread slices these conveyor toasters meet all hotels’ and communities’ requirements: they toast up to 950 slices of bread per hour.
Tunnel conveyor toaster

Eco conveyor toaster
Conveyor toaster

Characteristics of Milantoast Conveyor toasters

In order to grant the premium quality of our products, each of Milantoast’s toasters is designed and handmade in Italy in our factory near Monza. All passages to get the conveyor toasters ready for the market are strictly checked: from the choice of raw materials - Italian or EU origin - to the product assembly. Milantoast offers the right balance between quality and price, optimizing production process to offer long lasting products.
The leading principle of our design is functionality: these conveyor toasters are easy to use and simply elegant: they fit in any setting.

Features of our conveyor toasters

Main features of our conveyor toasters: speed belt control, long and dish washer safe crumb tray, stainless steel body and heating elements (except for code 18011 with quartz element: this conveyor toaster is ideal for small hotels or vending charts and it’s ready to work as soon as it stars: no warming up time). In most of these conveyor toasters upper and lower heating elements are selectable to choose between single size or both size toasting.

Depending on models the conveyor toasters have bun and toast selection switch and rear or front delivery. Considering performances, the energy consumption of the toasters is low These conveyor toasters undergo all EU rules: they are safe and the external structure is cool. All the conveyor toasters also comply to Italian and EU legislation related to stainless steel objects which have to came into contact with food
With Milantoast’s conveyor toasters bread slices will get golden, crunchy and fragrant.

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