martedì 22 gennaio 2013

Thermore - Thermal wadding

The best way for:

Thermal insulation - Insulation for jackets - Insulation for outerwear - Polyfill for jackets - Polyfill for outerwear - Thermal wadding - Manta acrilica



Thermore, Thermal Insulation Leaders since 1972 Thermore, founded in 1972 in Milan, is a worldwide leader in the research, production and marketing of thermal insulations for apparel and sleeping bags with operations in Europe, the USA and Asia including production facilities in Thailand and offices in Hong Kong. The global presence of the Thermore Group makes it possible for international clients to benefit from Thermore’s market-leading experience at a convenient and cost effective price point. Thermore’s focused dedication to thermal insulation technology ensures the highest level of service and expertise towards the development of insulation products and functional treatments under the “Set Yourself Free” philosophy of keeping the end user in their body temperature comfort zone while offering maximum freedom of movement. Thermore’s flexible thermal insulations are particularly well-suited for the sportswear and fashion industries and benefit from a proprietary scrimless design and fiber migration treatment. Thermore’s portfolio is distinguished by solid performance, scrimless design, customer-specific development and customization capability, and very competitive pricing combined with the company’s proven logistical advantages, strong commitment to service and consistent innovation. The latest introduction of the new TMK product line featuring 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) polyester fibers, and Rinnova, with a content of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled fibers, brings Thermore at the forefront in the development of high performance components with a strong focus on sustainability. Thermore’s current product ranges include TMK, T37®, Ecodown®, Rinnova, Stretch, Opera® and Therma-Scent®.


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